recordplayeron (recordplayeron) wrote in brooklynliving,

X-COUNTRY MOVING/STREET SALE: Furniture, kitchen items, electronics, & more!

I am leaving New York for the west coast soon and am trying to sell all of my stuff and bringing only what I can fit into my car. Therefore, everything is OBO and I'm having a street sale tomorrow.

When: Sunday, July 8, 2012 @ 11 AM until at least the mid-afternoon

Where: N7 and Bedford in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, usually across from the subway (may change, so please check the CL ad for updates)

What: I'm selling everything from furniture (coffee table, couch, table and chairs, queen-size memory foam mattress with bed frame, bookcases, desk...) to electronics (computer, TV, VHS/DVD player, microwave...) to clothes (shirts, pants, jackets...) and more (area rug, art, fondue set, postcard rack...).

For a full list of things for sale, please check my CL ad, which is updated regularly as things sell or I find more that needs to go:

If you see something you want, I'll also have e-mail access during the sale, so feel free to get in touch. I will cut you a  deal if you buy multiple items.

[x-posted to a few NYC communities]
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