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Where do I live?

Hey guys. I was wondering if you could help me figure out where I live.

No, really.

I live in Bed-Stuy. I just moved here a few weeks ago. And as I was walking around, I noticed some street signs near where I live, which distinguished a part of the neighborhood as Stuyvesant Heights. Curious, I googled. I found out that Bed-Stuy is made up of four smaller neighborhoods: Bedford, Stuyvesant Heights, Ocean Hill and Weeksville.

The Stuyvesant Heights street signs are brown, and the sign on my street is green. The brown street signs end two blocks south of me, so I'm guessing that's the Stuyvesant Heights border. Weeksville seems to also be farther south, so that's out. I'm guessing I probably live in Bedford, but I'm basing that mostly on the fact that it's the Wikipedia page with the least info (and thus the hardest to disprove).

Can anyone direct me to a better link? Or does anyone just know off the top of their head what the neighborhood directly north of Stuyvesant Heights is?

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This has been answered over at brooklyn_usa. The long story short: Historic District ≠ entire neighborhood. In other words, just because my street doesn't have a brown sign doesn't mean that it's not Stuyvesant Heights -- it just means that it's not the Stuyvesant Heights Historic District.
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