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Fourth of July, n00b-style

Hey guys. I'm a n00b New Yorker -- I've lived here for less than a week now.

I'd kind of like to check out some fireworks, but I'm not really feeling ready to get out there and battle the crowds. So I'm wondering if anyone could suggest a place to watch fireworks that's OK, but not the greatest spot ever (i.e. there will be other people, just not, like, throngs).

I'm coming from Brooklyn (Bed-Stuy). Public transportation is OK, though ideally, nothing overly complicated (taking a subway and walking a bit is great; needing a page and a half of written directions is probably a bit over my head for right now).

I figure I might be trying to jerk off the impossible, but I also figured it was worth an ask.

Bonus Question: Are street cleaning parking rules going to be enforced this coming Monday, or is that a free day because of the Fourth?. Thanks to the person who suggested I call 311. FYI: Parking rules are being enforced today (Saturday), but are suspended on Sunday and Monday.

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