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Moving Help.

Hello newyorkers. I need help.

In a few short weeks, I am going to be moving to New York (Brooklyn specifically) from out of state (Pittsburgh specifically). Long story short: I will subletting for a few months while I hunt for more permanent digs, and will need to do something with my stuff in the inbetween.

The rough plan is to get rid of what I can and shove the rest into a storage locker (there's furniture inherited from Grandma, so I'm not willing to ditch it all), then have movers pick it up in PA, haul it to NY, and (ideally) carry it up the stairs for me.

A friend had suggested I try PODS, which sounded like a great idea until I found out that PODS and PODS-type things are illegal in New York.

Which is when I realized that I'd do best to ask you guys for advice.

Who here moved from out of state? Any advice? Any movers and/or storage options that you'd recommend? What about places/companies I should avoid like the plague?

I posted myself on a movers-place-bids-on-you type site, but without references, I have no idea if these guys are great or if my move will end up being a cautionary tale on Dateline NBC.

Any help would be so super appreciated.

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