In Different Hues (indifferenthues) wrote in brooklynliving,
In Different Hues

unbelevable! there was a TORNADO (or a microburst or something) in Brooklyn!!!

Tornado Warning For Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island The Office of Emergency Management issued alerts for this crazy weather, "Alert issued 9/16/10 at 5:35 PM. The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning until 6:00 PM in Staten Island and Brooklyn. Immediately go indoors and/or to the lowest floor of your building for shelter. Stay away from windows," and "Tornado Warning issued for Queens until 6 PM. Take shelter on lower floors. Stay away from windows."

But I never got to see if that Emergency Management System on the TV they are always testing worked, since as the sky darkened, the wind pick up, lightening flashed and the thunder roared the power starting blinking on and off.
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